Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Migration SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

Prerequisites for migrating SharePoint 2007 site to SharePoint 2010:1. Check whether the packages (wsp features etc) in source server are same as in the target server (if not please install).
2. Check the web.config modifications made in the MOSS 2007 site (source site), if any do the same modifications on MOSS 2010 site (target site) accordingly.

Migration process:

The only process to migrate the site from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 is the migrating contentDB of source site to target site.

Steps to follow for migrating ContentDB:

1. Take the backup of the source site contentDB and restore the same on target server.
2. Create the web application in SharePoint 2010, and then create the site collection (it doesn’t matter what site template you are using for creating site collection).
3. Once finished creating the SharePoint 2010 site, go to central administration --> Manage content databases --> select the web application you created for migration --> click on database --> check in the remove content database --> click ok

4.Add the restored database in the target site by using stsadm.exe in command prompt

Stsadm.exe –o addcontentdb –url “enter your url” –databasename “enter your db name”

5.Restart iis.



Dear Rajkamal, I followed the above steps for Migration. but we are getting the following error.
"Invalid object name 'Sites'."
Please let me know, If any one have the Solution for this.

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This site is very useful for those who want to know migration from 2007 to 2010


Sharepoint Migration said...

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If anybody knows the types of Migration 2003 to MOSS 2007 & MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 then please post here..

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Here is a blog post to migrate SharePoint 2003 site to SharePoint 2007:


e signature said...

The steps you provided clears that migration from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 is a simple process but when I followed these steps then I get same error as Pradeep.Can You please help me to resolve the error

Srini said...


Article on migration is good. How would I migrate a site of sp 2007 to under a site collection of SP2010.


Anonymous said...

HI you can use Database attach approch to restore the database in sp2010

thinesh kumar said...

Before Migrating to sharepoint any,
Formally speaking,
you may need to consider
whether you want to migrate to same application box or construct a new application box and migrate that to a new one from the existing one.
Technically speaking,There are few approaches that you may need to consider,namely,In place,database attach/detach.

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This site is very useful for those who want to know migration from 2007 to 2010
This is veru nice Article for Migration. Thanks Rajkamal

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Hi, I am also going to same process to upgrade my sharepoint 2007 portal to 2010

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I am having urgent requirement, need to integrate custom ASP.Net application into SharePoint2010 site.

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